Clarity Pregnancy Urine/Serum Cassettes


10/20 Cassette (50 tests/box)

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MSDS – hCG Combo
Package Insert – DTG-COMBO

Clarity hCG Single Step Combo Urine/Serum Pregnancy Test Kit 50/box  10/20 Cassette

• Contains: hCG Urine/Serum Test Cassettes and Package Insert.
• Sensitivity: 20 mlU/ml.
• Specificity: 100% – No cross reaction with FSH/TSH/LH.
• 99% Overall Accuracy.
• Can be used with urine or serum.
• 24 Month Dating.
• CLIA Waived for Urine Samples.
• CLIA Moderate for Serum Samples.
• Clarity hCG Combo Pregnancy Kits


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